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Tone It Up Bikini Series 2017- Bundle!

Today we’re talking all about the Tone It Up Bikini Series! This is the holy grail of fitness challenges every year! If you’ve never done a Tone It Up Bikini Series, I highly recommend it! I followed one through back in high school and had insane results! I’ll throw in some pics below! You can sign up here for the Bikini Series! I’m going through the Bundle today and reviewing it for you!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Tone It Up, I’m just obsessed with their company and community!

( I look so young in this photo! It’s crazy!)

( I was in the Best Shape of my Life when using the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!)

My health has slowly declined, since graduating high school a few years back, and it’s time I get back on track. I decided to go back to my roots of Tone It Up and get in killer shape again! The challenge kicks off on April 24th! I challenge you to get in the best shape of your life with me!

Clarification: Members vs NonMembers

The Members only bundle is a bundle for girls who are already part of the nutrition plan. It includes everything below! The Non Members bundle is a little more expensive because it includes the Tone It Up Nutrition plan! Once you purchase the plan once, you become a lifetime member. As a lifetime member you receive weekly members only emails, get first dibs on new products, and get every future update to the nutrition plan for free! I got the new bikini series edition of the plan for free since i’m already a member!

The Bundle!

1. The Tone It Up Tote

When you first open your bundle box you see the Rose Gold/Champagne colored Tone It Up Tote! It’s a gorgeous bag and will be perfect for work and the beach! I have a beach trip the day after the challenge ends and I can’t wait to bring this tote along with me. On the inside of the bag their is a little zipper pouch for small items, which is perfect for car keys! The tote is lined with the pink and white tone it up heart logo.

2. K &K Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

This sea salt spray is the best one I’ve ever tried for achieving beachy waves. I curl my hair just as Kat does in her tutorial and it always comes out amazing! You can also use this sea salt spray alone on your hair to give it a nice texture. The spray doesn’t dry out your hair and it smells SO GOOD.  It makes your hair smell like coconut! My boyfriend also compliments how my hair smells when I use this product!

3. Heather Grey Tone It Up Hat

This hat is my new go-to on a bad hair day. I have never been a hat person until now! It’s perfect because it is adjustable in the back and has a hole for your ponytail. Most hats do have a hole for a ponytail but I only own one other hat and it does not have a hole and I wish it did! The TIU hat is the perfect shade of grey and has the Tone It Up logo stitched on the front of it. I personally love repping brands I believe in! It’s also the best way to spot another tone it up girl.  The shape of this hat looks good on my head and I can’t wait to wear it more this summer!

4. Tone It Up Sunglasses

I have one pair of Tone It Up/ Oakley sunglasses and I absolutely adore them. The sunglasses in this bundle are not Oakleys, so naturally they aren’t the quality of a $170 pair of sunglasses. However, I really love having another pair of aviators in a different style to wear around. These sunglasses still feel good on the face and feature non slip grips. The glasses are mirrored creating a summer vibe and feature the tone it up logo along the top of the glass. The Tone It Up heart logo is also feature on each side of the glasses. When you receive the glasses they come in a nice box, with a note from K&K on the inside. It comes with it’s own case and cleaning fabric. These glasses paired with the new hat, is my favorite go-to look!

5. Beach Towel

WARNING: This beach towel is HUGE! I’m 5’4 and this towel is at least as long as me. It’s super soft to the touch and a towel I can see myself laying on at the beach this summer. It is pastel pink with white stripes and has little tassels lining each end. The Tone It Up logo is also featured in the bottom corner.

6. Beach Babe 5 Premium Workouts

The final item in this bundle was the brand new Beach Babe 5 Premium workouts! I’ve gone through and watched these workouts and they look killer. I can see why Karena & Katrina said rehearsing and filming these workouts got them in great shape. I have not tried them out yet, but I will be when the challenge starts. There are 8 workouts and the time lengths on each one are really good. They are all at least 15-30min. I will do another blog post reviewing the workouts and breaking down each one!


You can purchase the bundle here! This is the nonmembers bundle! If you are already a member, simply log in to your account to purchase the bundle or go to the email you were sent with the link!

I’m so excited to get in the best shape of my life! Let me know if you’re doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series in the comments below!




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