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Review: Tone It Up Bikini Journal

Happy Week 4 of the Bikini Series! Everyone is doing so well! Today I wanted to check in and give you a review of the new bikini journal from Tone It Up. The journal is a huge improvement over the last journal they came out with. I’m going to go through and break down the different parts of the journal.

Why Should I Journal?

Writing down your reflections, thoughts, and goals will increase your chances of being successful because their is so much power in putting words on to paper. Visualizing your goals and what you want to achieve helps make it more of a reality. When you can sit down and physically see in your head what you want to achieve it makes your goals feel much more in reach. It makes you want it so badly. At any moment when your faced with a choice where your tempted to choose that pizza over something healthier, you can go back to that moment where you visualized your goals in your head, and remind yourself why you’re doing this.

You always have to keep in mind your WHY. Making the transition to a healthy lifestyle is hard. There is no way around it, but once you unlearn those unhealthy habits, you’ll be so thankful that you’ve developed new healthier habits, that have helped you reach your goals. Every single choice you make adds up over time, I promise you will thank yourself later for making the healthier choice.

“Believe it or not, you will start to crave vegetables & nutritious raw foods”

When I keep my journal with me, I am more likely to make better choices. If I leave my journal up stairs in my room, I am more likely to grab something unhealthy in the kitchen or when I’m out and about on the go. Having to write your meals down or track them in an app, keeps you accountable. With that being said, I try not to count calories. I am tend be OCD, and when I count calories I become obsessive and it starts to become a game about how I can lower the amount of calories I consume. This is NOT a healthy habit at all. It’s debilitating and usually ends up in depression. Instead I try to focus on the nutritional value of food and eat raw, unprocessed foods. I will occasionally spot check my caloric intake only to make sure I’m not over eating. Portion control is still important even when consuming healthy foods. 1 cup of nuts can add up to over 300 calories! Portion control is key with some nutritious foods.

” Remember WHY you started, you will thank yourself in the end”

Review Time!

1. Opening Pages & Goal Setting

When you first open the bikini journal their is a spot for your name & email in case you lose it. There is a welcoming note from your trainers K & K, which will inspire you to push through the next 8 weeks. On the third page there are 7 questions that will really help your flesh out what you want to achieve & guide you in the visualization process.

Sneak Peak Question: “Spiritual broken down is Spirit Ritual. It simply means the rituals you include each day for your spirit. So what will you do each day or week that make you feel happy and centered? It can be guided meditations, practicing yoga once a week, painting, or journaling your intentions for the following day each evening.”

2. Measurement Page

Next, there is a page to record your measurements. There is a diagram of a girl and it shows you what to measure and where exactly to take that measurement. There is a space to record your starting weight, along with, neck, arms, torso, abs, waist, hip, thigh, and calf measurements. It is important to not only weigh yourself but take measurements with a measuring tape. Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore, sometime the scale doesn’t account for you becoming smaller and toned.  There is also a section for your ending measurements.

3. Each Week’s Layout

Each week their is an inspirational picture of Karena and Katrina along with a space to meal prep. Their is a section to right down your grocery list along with what you want to prep for the week. They also have a workout prep checklist, that includes scheduling buddy workouts, scheduling classes, add workouts to your calendar reminders, and packing your gym bag with your workout wardrobe.

Next, each day (Monday-Friday) is laid out with spaces for everything you could possibly want to record! There is a space to check off whether or not you’ve taken your Meta D, if you’re on the nutrition plan along with a place to record the amount of sleep you got the night before. On the workouts space, I like to write down my workout plan for the entire week each Sunday, that way I don’t have to think about it each day. If you’re on the Tone It Up nutrition plan you’re eating 5 times a day, so there are 5 different places to record each meal/snack. In addition, you can record your water intake, goals for tomorrow, and notes.

At the end of each week there is place to record weight and measurement updates. I also love that there is a space to reflect on the week and figure out what worked well and what didn’t. Oh! Did I mention each day there is a little lifestyle challenge laid out for you. For example, one day says “Take some time for YOU today! Reflect and recharge. Try not to touch any electronics for at least one hour- your phone, the TV, your laptop… nada!”

4. The End!

You did it! Karena & Katrina leave you a little note at the end to congratulate you on completing your 8 week journey!

” It takes 21 days to form a habit”

Overall I give this journal a 10/10! It was also only $12! Also for those of you who don’t like to hand write things or prefer to use an app, I recommend you get one! Just find some way to keep yourself accountable!

Let me know your thoughts?


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