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Review & Comparison: New Balance 860v7


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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on the blog. Over the last 2 weeks I have been busy with the charity trail race I hold every year. I spent days trimming trails, marking the course, stuffing packets, and more! It’s a lot of work but so  worth it! I did get a new pair of running shoes, the New Balance 860v7. I previously had the New Balance 860v6.  There have been a few updates in the newer model so today I am going to compare and review this shoe! I’ve run many miles in my old pair and several miles in the new version. Just looking at the pictures of my 860v6 ‘s you can tell it was time for a new pair.


A little bit about me…

I am a chronic over pronator. Runner’s World puts it best here:

“As with the “normal pronation” sequence, the outside of the heel makes the initial ground contact. However, the foot rolls inward more than the ideal fifteen percent, which is called “overpronation.” This means the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body, and shock isn’t absorbed as efficiently. At the end of the gait cycle, the front of the foot pushes off the ground using mainly the big toe and second toe, which then must do all the work.”

Due to the fact that I Over Pronate when I run, I am typically given a mild stability shoe. I highly recommend going to your local running store and having them analyze your gait in order to find you the perfect shoe. You will find that ordering a generic shoe online meant for over pronation, may not be good enough. I highly recommend you go out and try on the shoe. Usually running stores will allow you to walk around and run a short distance in front of the store to test them out. This is also why it is important to shop local, if you buy online you will slowly put your local running store out of business and you no longer will have their help at your finger tips.

My History of Injuries

When I first started running I was running in a K-Swiss shoe. Of course, at the time I didn’t know anything about running and I soon found that running long distances during cross country practices in these shoes were a problem. I began to experience pain in my foot. My coach recommended I go to the local running store and get fitted for the proper shoe. It worked and made the pain go away!

Fast Forward to the fall of cross country season and I experienced severe leg pain which later turned out to be severe anemia. It was so bad I was taking an iron supplement three times a day, as instructed by my doctor. I will make a whole post on anemia and running soon. I was able to run again for a while once I got this under control. Finally, my last injury dealt with my hip flexors being too tight causing my hip to collapse inward when I ran, therefore being painful. Needless to say, I spent a few months in physical therapy.

So yeah.. you can say having the proper shoe is extremely important to me.

I already suffer from biomechanics issues, and I do not want my shoe to contribute. Obviously,  over time I’ve learned a lot about injuries and how to prevent to them.

The Stats & Features

The 860v6 comes in at a solid 8.8 oz with a 10.9mm heel drop. While this may sound like a heavy shoe, it is nothing like my first pair of Muzino stability shoes. Those things were very heavy! I personally do not have a problem with the weight of this shoe.  The 860v7 comes in at 9.3 oz (of which didn’t really phase me) and has a 11.7mm heel to toe drop.

I personally like the newer version of this shoe better. I like the soft cushioning compared to the moderate heel cushioning featured in version 6. The forefoot cushioning in the newer model is more firm, of which makes my foot feel more comfortable and stabilized when running. New Balance added a new combination of foam to this shoe. They did a combination of their ACTEVA and ABZORB foam for a nice balance of cushioning and support.

The mesh used on the top of the shoe is breathable and soft, it definitely feels like it has improved since the previous model. In regards to stability, New Balance kept their dual density medial post and T-Balance technology. The asymmetric heel counter and mid foot support remained the same in the new model. The 860v7 also offers a no-sew appearance making everything look seamless.

The Results

As a result, I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone who needs the mild stability. I recommend you go try it on and ask your local running store expert about the shoe. Purchasing new running shoes is usually a $120 investment, and therefore I want to be confident it is the perfect shoe for me. . They do come in various colors, however, I care more about function. After using both models, I love the new model better. It is supportive and comfortable.  Bonus, this shoe looks pretty, which always makes you want to go the extra mile. 😉



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