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Beer Adventures- Dirt Farm Brewery Review

On Sunday we decided to take a trip to Dirt Farm Brewery, a local brewery in Virginia. Israel love to go and test out new beers that are made locally. Israel and I have started moving into the trail running scene along with going to ultra marathons. Beer and running tend be associated, plus beer happens to be one of Israel’s favorite beverages!

One thing I love about living in the Shenandoah Valley is the amount of farms, horses, and mountains you get to experience on a regular basis. I come from a Β relatively small town where the community is closely knitted together and local small businesses thrive. You can stand just about anywhere in my county and see the blue ridge mountain range 360 degrees around you. It’s something that the locals might take for granted but once I moved away to university, I realized just how much I missed it.

Story Time.

In the video you notice that, I mention something about a baked potato social. I wanted to tell you guys the back story behind that but forgot to before I took over driving on the way home. Israel and I had taken a 3 hour road trip to visit the university he will be attending in the fall a few weeks ago. This was a trip that consisted of miles of farms, and rolling hills as far as the eye could see. We passed through many one street towns that had one grocery store, one restaurant, and one gas station.

These towns all had several churches. Ironically, the signs outside of these churches all had the same community event. A BAKED POTATO SOCIAL. I could not wrap my brain around the idea of a baked potato social. I’ve heard of ice cream socials but never a potato social. Like how does that work? I guess you get to make your own potato with all your favorite toppings. I apparently had missed the memo that the Baked Potato would be the new social trend. πŸ˜‰

Review Time.


When we first arrived to Dirt Farm Brewery we were greeted by a huge rock formation that had their logo engrained on the front of it. From there you drove what seemed like a mile up the mountain along a half paved- half dirt road. The character this place had was stunning. Once we reached the top we were taken back by the view. The old town stone that covered each wall of the brewery gave it a old historic feel. They had a covered patio area filled with picnic tables and Edison light bulbs that dangled from above. When you walked in it had a tavern vibe to it. The place was filled with the chatter and sounds of laughter from the guests that had occupied each table. It felt warm, comfortable, and familiar. They definitely get a 10/10 for atmosphere! πŸ™‚


We went up to the counter to order a beer and Israel got a Stout. They primarily were serving Ales when we visited this day. Israel is not a fan of that type of beer, thus far in his beer journey. He said the stout was really high quality. Β This beer was smooth and dark like Coffee. The stout was richly flavored.Β He sipped his beer outside on the patio that overlooked the valley. Each glass the beer was served in had their beautiful boot and wheat logo printed on the front. This really gave each sip a personal touch. 10/10 for Beer quality and Taste.


Something that really stood out to us was that this Brewery had a selection of meals and snacks. Most local breweries we’ve checked out this far have only served bagged chips. While visiting, Israel tried out a weekend special called, Beer Cheese Chicken Sandwich. ( I believe that’s what it was). They also serve nachos, pretzel bites, and flat bread pizza on a regular basis. He placed his order and without much time passing a man yelled “Israel!” robustly from behind the counter. The aroma was mouth watering and the dish was savory. The beer cheese added a unique touch to the sandwich and the side of potato chips was on point. 10/10 in the food category!

Overall, we would definitely go back and hangout at this brewery! I highly recommend you check it out if you’re ever in the area. From my understanding, the family that owns this brewery also has a vineyard where they sell wine. As the weather warms up I encourage you to get out and explore local restaurants and breweries near you! There is nothing better then supporting local businesses!

What are you favorite types of Beer? Let me know below!


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