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    How to Run with your Dog! Plus 2 Products your Dog Needs!

    Helllooo World!

    I’ve always loved taking my dog out on runs with me every once in a while! Running & walking are two of Mia’s (my dog) favorite activities! In fact in my house you have to be careful because if you say the word “walk” around her, she gets super excited and her ears perk up. I’ve learned the dos and don’ts of running with your dog over the years and today I’m sharing them with you!

    Wear a Harness!

    I’m talking about your dog! Make sure you pick up a harness to attach your leash to. You don’t want to pull at your dog’s neck. The harness I got for Mia has easy to use buckles that secure the harness on tightly. The material is strong and high quality. I’ve put this thing to the test and it still looks clean and the hardware isn’t rusty! One of my favorite features is the handle on top. My dog is not a huge fan of other dogs and therefore, when we do come in contact with another one, it’s easy to hold the handle on her harness and have her sit nicely while the other dog passes. My Dog Harness is by Kurgo. However, they do not sell the exact same one I have, but you can check out a similar one here.


    Watch where you place your Paws!

    During the summer you need to be aware of the weather. You don’t want to take your dog on a run in the middle of the day or if there is extreme heat. Dogs don’t sweat like you and I, they only cool off by panting. Additionally, if you are going to run on roads, sidewalks, or gravel paths, place your palm down on the surface before taking your dog on it. When surfaces become very hot, it can burn your puppy’s paws! It can be easy to forget about this important aspect because we wear shoes! Additionally, just because the day cools down, does not mean the pavement has.

    Not all Dogs are Created Equally

    It’s important to evaluate your dog’s breed. Not all dogs are good at running and not all dogs should go with you on your next run. For example, Pugs or Chihuahuas should not accompany you on your next run. Think about it, these breeds are small, easily stepped on, and will not be able to run as far as you. I recommend you research whether your breed is a good running partner before taking her/him out on the trails!

    My dog is an American Foxhound,  she has short hair, lean, and made up of pure muscle. She has great endurance and keeps up well, in fact there are days where she is pushing me along on our runs. However, I do not take her on a run everyday or necessarily every week. As it can be hard on her body. I typically set aside a separate time to walk her when I’m not allowing her on my runs.

    Dogs age too! Mia is getting closer to an age where I will probably stop taking her out on runs. She’s just reaching an age where running is just not a good fit for her, but that’s okay! I still love to play with her in big fields and take her on little walks. She absolutely loves every minute of our outside time! In comparison with old age, it is also key to be aware of puppies. It is not recommended you run with your puppy until they are more fully grown. Running can be hard on there growing bones, and therefore, you should stick with walks during these growing times. All in all, look into the best running breeds, consider age, and think about how far your dog can truly go.

    You Hydrate, She Hydrates, We Hydrate!

    Just as I mentioned in my post about how to have a better run, your dog also needs to hydrate! I cannot stress how important it is to make sure your dog always has access to water! I always bring a plastic container with me when I take my dog out, especially in the summer. By time your dog finishes running with you, she is thirsty! I don’t want to make Mia wait until we get home to get her first sip of water. I bring a water bottle with me, to drink immediately after my run, and she deserves the same! Remember, your dog does not sweat, so drinking water will help cool them down. I typically bring my 40 oz Hydroflask and fill it with cool water. I give Mia 20 oz and myself 2o oz. Just enough water until we get home!

    Check for Ticks!

    If you run in a wooded area or an area with tall grass, make sure you check your dog for ticks! The last thing you want is for your dog to get Lyme’s Disease! This is pretty simple and straight forward! Check thoroughly, especially if your dog has longer hair!

    Bonus! Drive Safe with your Pup!

    If your dog is like mine, she loves to run back and forth between the front and back seat. Not only can it be dangerous to the person driving, but if you were to hit the brake too hard or make a turn to quickly, your dog could slide and fall. I recommend picking up a seatbelt tether for your dog! I love mine, it easily snaps in to your seatbelt connector in your car! Pick one up here ! Keep you and your dog safe while driving!

    Lastly, Have fun with your pup! I bet your dog is stoked to be outside and hanging out with their favorite person! Be safe and smart!

    What type of Dog do you have?

    Let Mia and I know below!